Wrestling Entrance Themes

Are you an independent wrestler looking to enhance your presentation? Since 2017, Greg has been the Official Composer for Capitol Wrestling based out of New Jersey. He has composed entrance music for over 15 superstars as well as theme/background music for the company’s marketing and promotion.

Just like you use custom ring gear to help accentuate your persona, have Greg compose a custom theme that matches your personality and grabs the audience’s attention. These themes are license-free and you are able to take them with you to any promotion so you don’t have to worry about being at the mercy of whatever song the promoters decide to give you.


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Session Lead Guitar Work

Does your song call for a powerful guitar solo as finishing touch? Greg has been a solo specialist for over 20 years and has contributed guitar solos and textures to a wide range of artists from pop rock to death metal.


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Miscellaneous Audio Solutions

Do you have a need for other types of music projects? In addition to session lead guitar work and wrestling themes, Greg has contributed to various other music projects including creating the theme songs for The Color Of Air and Squared Circle Sound-Off podcasts, and scoring online promotional trailers for the books “Monochrome and Other Stories” by Matt Bechtel and “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” edited by P.D. Cacek and Laura J. Hickman.


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